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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2021 Stephen Bunn <>
# GPLv3 License <>

"""Contains logic to discover and load compatible plugins from a directory."""

import importlib
import inspect
import pkgutil
from pathlib import Path
from types import ModuleType
from typing import Generator, List, Optional, Tuple, Type

from ..config import instance as config
from ..exceptions import PluginFailure
from ..helpers import python_path
from ..log import instance as log
from .base import BasePlugin

[docs]def load_plugin(plugin_name: str, plugin_class: Type[BasePlugin]) -> BasePlugin: """Load a plugin instance from a given plugin class. Args: plugin_name (str): The name of the plugin package plugin_class (Type[~megu.plugin.base.BasePlugin]): The plugin class from the plugin package Raises: ~megu.exceptions.PluginFailure: When the plugin fails to load Returns: ~megu.plugin.base.BasePlugin: The loaded plugin instance """ try: plugin = plugin_class() log.debug(f"Loaded plugin {plugin_class!r} from {plugin_name!r}") return plugin except Exception as exc: plugin_exception = PluginFailure( f"Failed to load plugin {plugin_class!r} from {plugin_name!r}, {exc!s}" ) log.exception(plugin_exception) raise plugin_exception from exc
[docs]def load_plugin_module(module_name: str) -> ModuleType: """Load/import a plugin module given the module name. Args: module_name (str): The name of the plugin module Raises: ~megu.exceptions.PluginFailure: When the plugin module fails to import Returns: ~types.ModuleType: The imported plugin module """ try: module = importlib.import_module(module_name) log.debug(f"Loaded plugin module {module_name!r}") return module except Exception as exc: plugin_exception = PluginFailure( f"Failed to import plugin module {module_name!r}, {exc!s}" ) log.exception(plugin_exception) raise plugin_exception
[docs]def discover_plugins( package_dirpath: Path, plugin_type: Type = BasePlugin ) -> Generator[Tuple[str, List[BasePlugin]], None, None]: """Discover and load plugins from a given directory of plugin modules. Args: package_dirpath (~pathlib.Path): The path of the directory to look for plugins in. plugin_type (~typing.Type, optional): The type of plugin to filter for and attempt to load. Defaults to :class:`~megu.plugin.BasePlugin` Raises: ~megu.exceptions.PluginFailure: When a discovered plugin fails to load Yields: Tuple[str, List[:class:`~megu.plugin.BasePlugin`]]: A tuple of the plugin name and the instances of exported plugins from that plugin module """ package_dirpath = package_dirpath.expanduser().absolute() package_dir = package_dirpath.as_posix() if not package_dirpath.is_dir(): log.warning(f"Skipping plugin discovery as {package_dir!r} does not exist") return with python_path(package_dirpath): plugin_prefix = f"{config.app_name!s}_" log.debug(f"Discovering plugins in {package_dir!r}") for _, plugin_name, _ in pkgutil.iter_modules([package_dir]): # filter out modules that are not prefixed with the application name if not plugin_name.startswith(plugin_prefix): log.warning( f"Module {plugin_name!r} in {package_dir!r} does not use plugin " f"prefix {plugin_prefix!r}, skipping" ) continue try: log.debug(f"Processing plugin {plugin_name!r}") plugin_module = load_plugin_module(plugin_name) except PluginFailure: continue plugins: List[BasePlugin] = [] for plugin_export in vars(plugin_module).values(): # filter out exports that are not subclasses of the given plugin_type if not ( plugin_export is not plugin_type and inspect.isclass(plugin_export) and issubclass(plugin_export, plugin_type) ): continue try: log.debug( f"Found plugin export {plugin_export!r} in {plugin_name!r}" ) plugins.append(load_plugin(plugin_name, plugin_export)) except PluginFailure: continue # skip yielding plugins if no usable plugins are found if len(plugins) <= 0: continue yield (plugin_name, plugins)
[docs]def iter_available_plugins( plugin_dirpath: Optional[Path] = None, plugin_type: Type = BasePlugin, ) -> Generator[Tuple[str, List[BasePlugin]], None, None]: """Get all available plugins from the given plugin directory. Args: plugin_dirpath (~pathlib.Path, optional): The path to the directory where plugins are installed. Defaults to :attr:`~megu.constants.PLUGIN_DIR`. plugin_type (~typing.Type, optional): The type of plugins to load. Defaults to :class:`~megu.plugin.BasePlugin`. Yields: Tuple[str, List[:class:`~megu.plugin.BasePlugin`]]: A tuple of the plugin name and the instances of exported plugins from available plugin modules. """ if plugin_dirpath is None: plugin_dirpath = config.plugin_dir if not plugin_dirpath.is_dir(): log.warning(f"Skipping plugin discovery since {plugin_dirpath} does not exist") return for dirpath in filter(lambda d: d.is_dir(), plugin_dirpath.iterdir()): yield from discover_plugins(package_dirpath=dirpath, plugin_type=plugin_type)