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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2021 Stephen Bunn <>
# GPLv3 License <>

"""Contains the abstractions necessary to build content downloaders.

        The maximum number of connections permittable for a standard download.s

import abc
from typing import Any, Callable, Optional

from ..models import Content
from ..models.content import Manifest


[docs]class BaseDownloader(abc.ABC): # pragma: no cover """The base downloader that all content downloaders should inherit from.""" @abc.abstractproperty def name(self) -> str: """Human readable name for the plugin.""" raise NotADirectoryError( f"{self.__class__.__qualname__!s} must implement name property" )
[docs] @abc.abstractclassmethod def can_handle(cls, content: Content) -> bool: """Check if some given content can be handled by the downloader. Args: content (~models.content.Content): The content to check against the current content. Returns: bool: True if the downloader can handle downloading the content, otherwise False """ raise NotImplementedError( f"{cls.__class__.__qualname__!s} must implement can_handle classmethod" )
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def download_content( self, content: Content, max_connections: int = DEFAULT_MAX_CONNECTIONS, update_hook: Optional[Callable[[int], Any]] = None, ) -> Manifest: """Download the resources of some content to temporary storage. Args: content (~models.content.Content): The content to download. max_connections (int, optional): The limit of connections to make to handle downloading the content. Defaults to :attr:`~DEFAULT_MAX_CONNECTIONS`. update_hook (Optional[Callable[[int], Any]], optional): Callable for reporting downloaded chunk sizes. Defaults to :data:`None`. Returns: ~models.content.Manifest: The manifest of downloaded content and local file artifacts. """ raise NotImplementedError( f"{self.__class__.__qualname__!s} must implement download_content method" )